Who Are We?

TestMe-19 is a CLIA approved mobile lab that brings COVID-19 testing to the community!

Whether we bring testing inside your facility or your parking lot, TestMe-19 sends our medical professionals directly to your business or organization.
TestMe-19 provides FREE COVID-19 testing by billing your insurance company!

• Economically Disadvantaged Communities
• Parents of School-Aged Children
• Educators
• First Responders
• Businesses and more…

Let us send our medical professionals to you!

Tests We Offer

We offer 3 types of FDA/EUA approved COVID-19 tests:

Rapid Combo Test-

This test provides results in less than 20 minutes and is used during the flu season. This test tests for COVID-19 as well as influenza A and B with one swab.

Rapid Antigen Test-

This test provides results within 15 minutes. This test is used outside of flu season as it checks only for COVID-19.

Rapid Antibody Test-

This test provides results within 15 minutes. This test determines if you previously had COVID-19.

An antibody test is used for an individual that has had COVID-19 and determines if the person has antibodies that fight COVID-19.
An antibody test can also be utilized after an individual has been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to monitor within their system.

For those that have antibodies, donating plasma is so important. Plasma is in high demand to give to those that are severely struggling with COVID-19.
Make money—Save lives.

What are the benefits of testing?

COVID-19 testing is not a one and done thing, consistent testing, even when you do not exhibit signs and/or symptoms, is essential in preventing the spread of the virus.